TruHealth & Wellness will be open during the lockdown.

The clinic will be open during the government mandated lockdown. Please follow all reminder emails in regards to your appointments. Some appointments previously booked maybe altered to accommodate new guidelines set out, we apologize for any inconvenience.

What to expect when you come in for your appointments:

  1. Screening: Clients will be emailed a COVID-19 questionnaire withing 12 hours of their appointment time. Clients may also be screened before entering the clinic. Again we ask if you are feeling unwell to reschedule your appointment. Everyone entering the clinic will be asked to sign in.
  2. Check-In: Please remain in your vehicles, until your therapist says it is safe to enter. We will notify you via TEXT or come and let you in. Please have accurate cell number on file, which can be updated via your Jane account.
  3. Sanitisation Stations: When you enter we ask you to SANITIZE your hands at the designated sanitation stations, and wear a mask. Masks are available for purchase of $1.00
  4. Treatment zones: The clinic is divided up into specific treatment zones for therapist allowing for physical distancing. Treatment zone 1(upstairs) If you are here to see Priska (physio), Julie (physio assistant) or Dr. Jovanovic please use main entrance for entering and exiting the clinic. Treatment zone 2 (main Level) If you are coming to see Chris (RMT), Natalie (RMT), or Zdenka (RMT) you will be using the side door to enter and exit.
  5. Minimal Personal Items: Arrive alone and with minimal personal items and be dressed in appropriate clothing for your treatment.
  6. Staggered Appointments: We are allocating 20-30 minutes between each appointment allowing the therapist to sanitize all equipment and treatment table.  All treatment tables and equipment is cleaned after each appointment. With these new guidelines, we don’t have much time to discuss after your appointment so please ask all questions while in session.
  7. Condiments: Our coffee, water cooler and tea area will be closed until further notice. We will have bottled water for those who need a beverage. Please don’t bring any food or beverage into clinic.

See you soon,
TruHealth and Wellness Team