Cupping therapy is a technique that involves applying a glass, plastic, or
silicone cup to your skin and creating a vacuum inside using heat, a squeezable bulb, or a suction gun

Cupping therapy increases blood flow to treated areas, which can promote healing. It can also provide pain relief by exciting nerves inside muscles leading to decreased pain.

Cupping therapy most commonly used by health care practitioners in Waterloo, Guelph, and other cities in Canada is called dry cupping. A glass, plastic, or silicone cup is placed on your skin where the air within the cup is removed causing a vacuum effect. Dry cupping is a safe and beneficial physical treatment. There are other types of cupping like wet cupping, which involves creating small cuts in the skin, and fire cupping, which uses fire to heat the cup to create a vacuum. Wet cupping and fire cupping are techniques that are not common practice in Ontario clinics and can be unsafe if performed incorrectly. Therefore, these types of cupping are not performed at TruHealth & Wellness.

Cupping Therapy